What is this project for?

We saw many people, especially those in low socio-economic statuses struggle accessing fresh vegetables. According to a study, crop prices have risen between 10~25% in 2012 and some low income earners are already spending 50~70% of their income in buying food. Therefore, the challenge our project will address is achieving food security and alleviating global hunger by allowing users to grow foods in their own houses. If this project succeeds, there will be an increase in supply for foods because it will be produced not only from suburban farmers but also from household farmers.

This will grant access for more individuals to purchase foods and also mitigate global hunger. Also, the food will have sufficient and safe nutrition since there will be no use of pesticides which can be harmful to the human body. By satisfying these functions, our micro-greenhouse would help our community to develop as a sustainable city and increase food security. Moreover, the educational kits that we would provide can be used as an educational kit for schools while learning about food security, sustainability, designing, and global hunger.

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